Elyse Toder
Mobile Design, UI/UX
Project Overview

As young people, particularly recent high school graduates, begin to navigate their newfound independence and develop self-reliance, they may face new challenges in managing daily tasks such as cooking for themselves. This app aims to provide a helpful resource for beginners looking to learn how to cook and make informed grocery shopping decisions in order to create tasty, nutritious meals.

  1. An app to help the beginners learn how to cook because it is difficult to know where to start
  2. An app that scan’s the fridge for the user to figure out what meals they can make, because it is difficult to know what to make from the ingredients you have.
  3. An app that can be used to make grocery lists from the missing ingredients generated by the A/R scan, because it is hard to keep track of what ingredients the user is missing while they look at recipes.


Users: Beginners or novices to cooking.

What they are trying to achieve: They want to learn how to make delicious food at home by themselves.

Design Process

Color Palette

I selected a color palette with shades of green and one standout color of yellow to draw attention to important information. The green colors give our app a fresh and vibrant look, while the yellow accents help users focus on key information. I also chose this palette because it complements the images of ingredients we display in our app, making them look more appealing to our users.


  1. Paper sketches
  2. Low-fidelity wireframes with variations
  3. User experiments with Low-fidelity wireframes
  4. Final Design

Final Design


Through this project, I gained a greater understanding of the importance of involving users in the design process. I also improved my skills in creating a visually appealing background and incorporating navigation elements into it. Additionally, I learned the value of using color to guide users' attention and highlight important information on the page.